Case: MannenMedia



Analysing website visits of 2 different websites, in order to gain a better understanding of the sites’ target group.



  • Agegroup 18-25 is underrepresented¬†in website visits for both sites.
  • The Mosaic group ‘Vrijheid en Ruimte’ is by far the largest for both of the websites which have been analyzed. However, one of the sites was predominantly visited by male visitors(67%) whereas the other site was predominantly visited by females(61%).
  • For both websites, more than 60% of the visitors were age 45 and up.



After analysing the sites with help of the Insights Dashboards the target group for the 2 sites have been clarified, which brings opportunities to better target. Also, since there are big differences between the 2 sites, this can help to better optimalise these website.