Why a cookieless environment isn’t that bad

The publisher’s guide to identity resolution Understanding your target audience is the key to selling a product, story, or idea. However, the upcoming ‘cookieless’ environment means a decrease in options for publishers to identify their audience. And with so many content channels and publishers, it will become harder to stand out from the crowd and reach […]

How to identify more customers with your CDP

How can CDP’s connect with up to 50% additional customers in real-time, through first-party data onboarding? The customer experience landscape has grown exponentially over the past five years; just take a look at Scott Brinker’s icon salad of marketing technology vendors, which was nicknamed the ‘Martech 5000’ a couple of years ago. As of 2019, […]

How to make right-time targeting a reality across channels

A diversifying DSP market in Europe makes customer data activation difficult.   How can marketers push segments to the channel of their choice, in a way that’s both meaningful to their customers and profitable for their company? Here, we’ll explain how you can regain regularity and control over your data activation, whilst achieving unprecedented levels […]

How to balance scale and accuracy in customer profile enrichment

Will personalization at scale driven by 1st party data ever be more than a pipe dream? When it comes to profile enrichment, the reality for marketers has been filled with broken promises: ‘Hundred-percent accurate look-alike models’ is the assurance, but in reality, identities snowball into false positives to create a mess of mistargeting and wasted […]