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How often do we see mismatches of offline data to online audiences? Your clients deserve better! The answer to this is CRM Onboarding.

What is CRM Onboarding?

Customer data onboarding is the process of linking offline data with online attributes. More specifically, the matching of two audience data sets: one, is the first-party CRM data set belonging to a marketer and the other, the digital data set of digitalAudience. The match process uses a common identifier or match key to link the records. This provides a fully privacy-compliant identity solution which can activate a distinct set of data-driven marketing use cases.


Step 1

Using a simple tool, the marketeer hashes his CRM identifiers.


Step 2

digital Audience matches this hashed database with its own high quality deterministic database.


Step 3

digitalAudiences pushes these matched audiences to the clients DMP or DSP of choice immediately offering them an entire new set of marketing possibilities.


 We bring together offline and online data with absolute precision powered by our huge deterministic database. No probabilistic linking or guesswork Just pure quality.


Once activated, combine your data with our standard or custom segments, post-click conversion and Google SEA to reach your ideal audience and maximize scale across all your campaigns.


You’re on the safe side. Our hashed identity exchange was built around privacy-by-design principles to comply with GDPR and global privacy standards.

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The word on the streets about digitalAudience

  • digitalAudience custom audiences help us with reaching hard to find prospects. The audiences show a significant increased ROI compared to native targeting

    Rik Boin HAVAS | Programmatic Consultant
  • Monetizing our website visitors and our existing costumers through digitalAudience insights Dashboard gave us insights in different product groups and helped us to improve our marketing and sales communications.

    Marie-José Genzer FEENSTRA | Conversion Specialist
  • It’s great to see that the size of the target group is quite large, which allows us to test for longer without showing the same person multiple times!

    Sebastiaan Hansum KIDSWEEK | Online Marketeer

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