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Why digitalAudience?

digitalAudience offers  services which significantly improve the marketing results for agencies as well as companies directly based on our unique high quality datapool.

But what makes us different?

We’re a digital marketing technology startup based in Amsterdam. We have developed an innovative marketing solution that enables you to connect and interact with your target audience. Our partnerships with premium publishers enable you to profit from the powerful combination of online and offline premium data. Our technology provides you a complete customer profile, connecting with lookalikes of your most valued customers,maximsing your digital marketing results and enabling you to utilise your offline data for online us via CRM-onboarding


Our integration with major DSPs means that you can start improving your online campaigns across different channels with a few simple clicks


Our technology is being developed right here in Amsterdam, so if you have any questions or challenges for us, we are just a phone call or visit away.


Our data originates from premium publishers from a large variety of different backgrounds. We are bound to have solution that meets your needs.

The team

Our main audience member

  • Ruben Niet
    Ruben Niet Founder

Our Sales and support team

  • Monique Baats 
    Monique Baats  Account Director
  • Rogier Timofei
    Rogier Timofei Account Director
  • Marloes van Leeuwen 
    Marloes van Leeuwen  Campaign Manager

And our Techies:

  • Guclu Bigay 
    Guclu Bigay  CTO
  • Nils Vaerno
    Nils Vaerno Entwickler