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Gain maximum addressability with your customers by connecting premium deterministic data sources to first party data.

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Discover what our platform solution can do to achieve your marketing KPI’s by identifying, enriching and activating your own client data.

What do we do?

digitalAudience is a data collaboration platform that enables its customers to maximize their marketing effectiveness in a privacy first, technology led manner. Our platform helps companies gain maximum addressability with their customers and prospects by connecting valuable data sources to their first party data. We do this by offering data onboarding, collaboration, and activation, with privacy at its core.

Trusted and awarded company

Our number 1 key performance metric is recognizing customers and prospects on our domains.  The digitalAudience platform helps us increase this number significantly!

Coen Heijnders

Product Manager Marketing Automation

Cross-/upsell and exclusion of existing customers are very important growth drivers for  Samsung. With the digitalAudience platform we are able to recognize and activate our customers  on various digital channels to get better ROI on our campaigns.

Sophie Croonen

Head of Digital

The digitalAudience platform enhances the HAVAS targeting offering towards its clients  and adds increased value to our media solutions.

Rik Boin

Programmatic Trading Director



Improve ROI in digital marketing spend by identifying your customers and prospects in digital domains. Drive personalization and relevant marketing, across multiple channels and devices using our onsite  identity resolution.


Gain a precise understanding of your audience by analyzing web pages, CRM data or campaigns. Utilize our deterministic data sources and cross device graphing to obtain accurate insights. Connect offline sales data to get a complete view of your marketing results


Make use of our 30+ integrations to activate your First party data for optimal volume and accuracy. Leverage your CRM data by onboarding into the desired destination to expand marketing possibilities.

Discover what solution is best for you.

Brands and Agencies

Leveraging customer data for brands and agencies

Better understand your customers and leverage this knowledge to power your marketing strategies.


Audience data enrichment, activation & insights for publishers

Unleash the full power of your data and enrich and activate it further to discover more information about your visitors.

Partner integrations

The digitalAudience platform has direct integrations with all major marketing platforms to offer safe and smooth transition of data. 

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