Harness the power of your data and maximise revenue by creating targeted advertising strategies that benefit both brands and consumers. 

Visitor identification

digitalAudience identifies your users in real-time and provides you with data-driven insights for more effective targeting increasing the value of your inventory to brands.

Audience activation

Increase revenue via direct deals, private marketplaces (PMPs), and open marketplaces. Enrich your first-party data with digitalAudience’s reliable third-party data to enable brands to reach target audiences more effectively.


Easily analyse and better understand your audience via our dashboard to maximise the value of your data using accurate deterministic data. Identify your best users with granular data including A, B, C.

Discover what solution is best for you.


Centralise your first-party data and create more personalised marketing experiences. Our powerful deterministic database ensures accurate data-matching, allowing you to make data-driven decisions based on over 250 digitalAudience segments.


Increase the value of your inventory with our accurate offline deterministic data and gain a precise understanding of your audience. We combine our online identities with information from our rich network of premium publishers to give you a 360° view of your existing or potential customers.


Our platform helps publishers reach existing subscribers and visitors or target similar audiences through lookalike modeling. Make your marketing budget work harder through precision targeting with our high-quality, granular segments. With support for over 30 major advertising platforms, our SaaS platform enables you to connect with your audience at any time, or any platform.

Features for publishers

Use our dashboard to provide advertisers with detailed insights about your audience and their campaign performance

Boost the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by incorporating digitalAudience data, such as income, shopping intent or B2B data to acquire more relevant audiences

Having integrations with all leading DSPs and DMPs, our platform allows you to create custom audience segments to increase reach.

Via our data onboarding tool you can offer advertisers the ability to match their first-party data with your audience data to increase addressability, enhance targeting, and personalise messaging

Give advertisers valuable insights into campaign performance by allowing them to connect their offline sales data to online campaign data

Build meaningful, trusted relationships with your consumers and prepare for a cookieless future with a privacy-first approach

Use cases

Offering rich segmentation and giving back detailed insights on campaigns has really added value to our offering. Enriching our websites with digitalAudience data has brought us new clients!

Paul de Kock-van Leeuwen

Director Sales and Media

The digitalAudience platform helps us create bespoke audiences and push them to any platform desired by our clients; audience extension is an extra solution for our advertisers and generates incremental  revenue.

Kevin van Oosteren

Commercial Manager

digitalAudience makes Customer Match possible on our network, enabling advertisers to target their CRM data. Not only does this bring extra revenue it also strengthens the relation we have with our clients.

Sjoerd van der Meijden

Director Sales & Business Development

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