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digitalAudience enables brands and publishers to maximise the value of first-party data and digital advertising performance through privacy-safe, interoperable data collaboration.

By connecting premium deterministic data sources to first-party data digitalAudience increases addressability for brands and publishers resulting highly-relevant and engaging digital advertising experiences for consumers. 

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See how digitalAudience helps advertisers and publishers maximise performance by onboarding, collaborating, and activating first-party data.

Take data and audiences
to a new level with digitalAudience

Create audiences

digitalAudience gives you access to more than 250 cookieless segments for activation across more than 30 advertising platforms. Use our Audience Builder (add hype link) to activate bespoke audiences for maximum efficiency and value.

Create dashboards

Transform data into actionable insights with our customisable dashboards. Target your most valuable customers and optimise your marketing strategy for maximum ROI.

Upload your
first-party data

Use your first-party data to activate strategic, personalised marketing campaigns. Hash your data in your browser and match it with millions of digitalAudience profiles. Your data is in safe hands, our matching process is completely anonymous, and you always have complete control over your data.

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Audience builder

Discover how you can make use of our data partner integrations to build your audience with high-precision and fine-tune your marketing strategy.

Lookalike modeling

Create an audience from your first-party data and increase reach with lookalike audiences. With our Audience Builder, you can discover your ideal customer profile and create a segment using our lookalike modeling tool, to better reach your target audience with relevant messaging.

Partners integrations