Brands & Agencies

Maximise digital advertising performance through privacy-safe, interoperable data collaboration

By connecting premium deterministic data sources to first-party data digitalAudience increases addressability and provides deep audience insights to help brands maximise the effectiveness of audience data in the digital advertising ecosystem. 

With digitalAudience brands and agencies benefit from:

Increased audience addressability

Deeper audience insights

More valuable media investments

Greater ROI

Instant access
to audience and campaign data 24/7

Data segments

digitalAudience provides brands and agencies with over 250 cookieless segments based on offline deterministic data. You can create your own bespoke custom audiences for activation on any platform for more effective targeting.


Match your first-party data with digitalAudience’s identifiers to discover where your customers are online. Deliver personalised messaging for better ROI through accurate identity resolutions and personalised, omnichannel marketing.


Increase the value of your media investments with our accurate offline deterministic data and gain a precise understanding of your audience. We combine our online identities with information from our rich network of premium publishers to give you a 360° view of your existing or potential customers.


Our platform helps publishers reach existing subscribers and visitors or target similar audiences through lookalike modeling. Make your marketing budget work harder through precision targeting with our high-quality, granular segments. With support for over 30 major advertising platforms, our SaaS platform enables you to connect with your audience at any time, or any platform.

Learn how to reach, engage target audiences and increase your ROI

In this white paper, we explore: the ways in which marketers can overcome these challenges through data collaboration; how to weigh up the various options available; and the impact data collaboration can have on maximising digital advertising performance.

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Online-offline identity resolution

digitalAudience’s deterministic database with more than 25 million offline identifiers, enables you to connect your online and offline data accurately with no probabilistic guesswork. Get a complete view of your marketing and data ecosystem and accurately attribute offline conversions.

Audience and website insights

Easily analyse your online audience and maximise the value of your campaign data based on accurate deterministic information via the digitalAudience dashboard designed for marketers, not data scientists. Identify your most valuable customers and better understand their profiles for more effective targeting and better campaign performance.

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