We’re a digital marketing technology startup based in Amsterdam. We have developed an innovative marketing solution that enables you to connect with your target audience with unified messaging, using a single interface. Our partnerships with premium publishers enable you to profit from the powerful combination of online and offline premium data.

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Our technology provides you a complete customer profile, connecting with lookalikes of your most valued customers and maximize your digital marketing results. After our successful launch in the Netherlands, we’re now ready to expand internationally.

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CRM Onboarding

CRM Onboarding

Deliver relevant cross-channel marketing campaigns to your desired audiences across offline and online channels at scale



Gain extra insights for your target audience by analyzing your 1st party data, CRM data, website visitors or ad campaign impressions. This will enable you to communicate the right message to the right type of customer.

Display Advertising

Display Advertising

Activate your First Party data and our unique Third party Audiences to target display campaigns. digitalAudience direct integrations into the leading DSP’s/DMP’s allows you to directly start running more relavent and effective campaigns. Below you can find our intergration partners.

Custom Audiences

Custom Audiences

Through the digitalAudience tool, your target audience can be easily added to your ad account. Furthermore, you can extend your reach using lookalike audiences.


Projects & Portfolio

We have a great amount of pride in the projects we deliver to our fantastic clients, and we’re not afraid to show them off.

We are always striving to make each new project the next star reference project for our collection.

Please explore our portfolio to find out what kind of work we will do for you.



Case: Subaru targets specific client profiles based on Mosaic segments. digitalAudience has made these profiles available for targeting within the Facebook campaign

Target: Target specifically on Mosaic segments in Facebook for lead generation and eventually boosting car sales.

Challenges: The audiences have to be big enough while simultaneously being relevant for local dealers.

Results: Even though the target goal on leads wasn’t reached, the quality of the leads was extremely high.


Joe Merino

Case: Who is the typical Joe Merino customer and towards what type of customer should they focus their marketing activities?

Conclusion: After analysing the database of Joe Merino it was clear who their buyers/prospectsare.

• 3 Mosaic groups represent 80% of the client database

• Age category 45+

Eventually it gave Joe Merino a clear direction as towards whom and in what way the company should communicate, instead of focussing on the entire market and have lacking results.

zigt mediabureau


Goal: Getting insights into the type of reach the banner campaign created.

Target: People who went to Markt plaats to look for matrasses


• 50% of reach was in age group 36-55

• Low income/education



Goal: Researching visits to the website regarding changes in the different Mosaic segments, after the company had a large TV and radio campaign which brought awareness of the different services Feenstra offers to the public.

Conclusion: After analysing the visits to the site there was a remarkable increase in visits from Mosaic groups ‘Jonge Digitalen’ and ‘Goed Stadsleven’

The group of starters who just bought a house are now in the market for any of Feenstra’s services. This gives Feenstra insight into which group they should focus their marketing activities on.

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