Accelerating Market Leadership for Rabobank’s Embedded Services

21 November 2023

Rabobank strategically leveraged digitalAudience B2B audiences for its Embedded Services campaign. The partnership led to precise targeting, heightened engagement, and reduced costs. 

Company goals

Help entrepreneurs grow sustainably through Embedded Services.

Establish Rabobank as a leader in the Embedded Services market.


Get the target audience to know Rabobank’s offerings.


Generate high-quality marketing leads.

Target Audience


Entrepreneurs in e-commerce, fintech, and large online businesses.


Specific sectors: accounting software, aggregators, e-commerce platforms and more.


Decision makers in business operations, innovations.

Strategy using digitalAudience
B2B audience

Audience segmentation
Collaborate with digitalAudience to identify and target highly relevant B2B audiences within the specified sectors.

Precision targeting
Utilize digitalAudience B2B audience data to precisely target decision-makers in the identified sectors and verticals.


Standard META audiences vs. digitalAudience B2B Audiences

Achieved a


higher view-through rate for 3-second engagements.

Realized a


higher view-through rate for full video plays.

Reduced the cost per session by an impressive


Lowered the cost per start request by

3.6 times

Achieved a

2.7 times

lower cost per conversion.


Rabobank’s strategic partnership with digitalAudience has proven highly successful in achieving its campaign goals. The campaign not only reached a wider and more relevant audience but also significantly reduced costs while maintaining high engagement rates. Due to the campaign’s success, Rabobank plans to rerun the campaign. Rabobank’s leadership in the Embedded Services market is further solidified, and sustainable growth opportunities for entrepreneurs are maximized through this effective marketing strategy.

Our partnership with digitalAudience has transformed our marketing game. We reached more of the right people, spent less and achieved impressive engagement rates. This collaboration makes us an even stronger leader in the Embeded Services market.”


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