digitalAudience appoints Victor van Venrooij as Head of Business Development

digitalAudience has been appointed Victor van Venrooij as Head of Business Development. An extra boost for the expansion of the company in Europe in 2022 Van Verooij comes from LiveRamp and has been attracted to realise the international growth of the SaaS media company. Bastiaan Spaans CMO: ‘We are growing fast and aim to open […]

What is and does a data clean room?

What is a data clean room? In short: a safe private playground for marketers to share data with platforms, retailers and publisher. Good news: digitalAudience ‘builds’ them. Think of a neutral place, as Ryan Barwick cleverly said: it’s Switzerland for data, a neutral intermediary where each party, lets say a marketer and a publisher come together […]

Data Clean Room

Our data clean room solution was made with the idea and urge of the evolving landscape of data regulation.  Your business needs a collaboration platform that will enable you to share your data with other brands, publishers and agencies. In a safe, secure way, without physically exposing it.  Download our Data Clean Room one-pager to […]