First-Party Data is the key to Effectively Engaging the Booming Travel Audience

The travel and tourism sector’s recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is outpacing most industries. The industry is expected to post an annual average growth rate of 5.8% from 2022 to 2032 versus a 2.7% increase in global gross domestic product (GDP). Furthermore, it is predicted that 80% of leisure travelers will take […]

First-party Data is a Retailer’s Secret Weapon: unlock the potential now!

With online sales continuing to rise retailers are spending more on online advertising than ever before while also grappling with the challenges associated with the fact that third-party cookies are soon to be a thing of the past. However, retailers have a secret weapon that makes them the envy of those in other sectors – […]

Online marketing gids voor data collaboration

Data collaboration is het middel om de uitdagingen van een gedecentraliseerd digitaal marketinglandschap het hoofd te bieden   In deze whitepaper onderzoeken we de impact van privacywetgeving en het uitfaseren van de third party cookie. Vervolgens beantwoorden we de vraag hoe data collaboration kan helpen bij het maximaliseren van marketing performance binnen deze nieuwe context. Voorkom dat […]

digitalAudience appoints Kristian Westergren as Sales Director in Sweden

digitalAudience is pleased to announce the appointment of Kristian Westergren as the new Sales Director for Sweden. In this role, Kristian will be responsible for leading the company’s sales efforts in the Swedish market, working closely with the existing team to drive growth and exceed sales targets. Kristian brings a wealth of experience in sales […]

The Digital Marketer’s Guide to Data Collaboration

Discover how data collaboration can help you overcome the challenges of a decentralized digital marketing data landscape.   In our whitepaper, we explore the impact of privacy regulations and the phasing out of third-party cookies, and how data collaboration can help marketers maximize digital advertising performance. Don’t miss out on opportunities to reach and engage your […]

How to super-charge digital advertising by using your data in a smarter way: 6 use cases

Struggling to turn data into actionable insights that drive ROI for your advertising campaigns?  Download digitalAudience whitepaper today to learn more about the challenges marketers face with data and the advantages of data collaboration for advertisers. Discover how digitalAudience can help you extract value from your data and achieve digital marketing success with 6 presented […]

digitalAudience appoints Victor van Venrooij as Head of Business Development

digitalAudience has been appointed Victor van Venrooij as Head of Business Development. An extra boost for the expansion of the company in Europe in 2022 Van Verooij comes from LiveRamp and has been attracted to realise the international growth of the SaaS media company. Bastiaan Spaans CMO: ‘We are growing fast and aim to open […]

What is and does a data clean room?

What is a data clean room? In short: a safe private playground for marketers to share data with platforms, retailers and publisher. Good news: digitalAudience ‘builds’ them. Think of a neutral place, as Ryan Barwick cleverly said: it’s Switzerland for data, a neutral intermediary where each party, lets say a marketer and a publisher come together […]

Data Clean Room

Our data clean room solution was made with the idea and urge of the evolving landscape of data regulation.  Your business needs a collaboration platform that will enable you to share your data with other brands, publishers and agencies. In a safe, secure way, without physically exposing it.  Download our Data Clean Room one-pager to […]