digitalAudience announces partnership with Relay42

12 December 2022

digitalAudience partners with Relay42 to enhance cross-device capabilities

Relay42, a global enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP), has partnered with digitalAudience, a leader in digital identity resolution. The partnership will provide digital marketing teams with a greater range of cross-device identifiers to allow for a deeper customer understanding and improved customer journey personalization.

Relay42’s Customer Data Platform is enhanced by digitalAudience’s privacy-safe digital cross-device solution. Customers of Relay42 and digitalAudience are now able to identify website users across multiple devices and significantly increase the match rate recognition of not logged-in customers. As a result, digital marketing teams can gain deeper insights into their customers, enhance their campaigns and improve customer retention and brand affinity. 

As a global CDP, we’re committed to helping our customers implement relevant end-to-end journeys across all channels and all touchpoints. Our partnership with digitalAudience will enable digital experts to improve their match rate recognition, allowing them to understand their customers better and deliver more relevant messaging”, says Rogier van Nieuwenhuizen, CEO at Relay42.

We are thrilled to work closely with Relay42, enabling marketing teams to deliver great experiences to their customers”, says Ruben Niet, CEO of digitalAudience. “We will be linking customer data capabilities with onboarding and activation capabilities. This will make it much easier to show the right content to the right user at the right time across all major media channels. It also delivers more accurate feedback for optimization.”

About Relay42
Relay42 is an Orchestration Customer Data Platform (CDP) that empowers businesses to create meaningful customer relationships by utilizing smart technology to transform fragmented interactions into seamless journeys. Relay42 gives businesses the freedom, flexibility, and agility to build sustainable customer relationships, using valuable customer data as a baseline.

Global brands including KLM, Heineken, Levi’s, and FedEx rely on Relay42 to anticipate and address customer needs in real time across all online and offline channels.

About Digital Audience
digitalAudience is a data-collaboration and cleanroom platform that enables its customers to maximize their marketing effectiveness in a privacy-first, technology-led manner. The platform helps companies gain maximum addressability with their customers and prospects by connecting valuable data sources to their first-party data. They do this by offering onboarding, collaboration, and activation with privacy at its core