Delta Fiber Increases Match Rate by up to 68% across Google, Meta and publishers with digitalAudience

28 February 2023

Delta Fiber Netherlands, the leading fast fiber internet provider in the Netherlands, has the ambition to grow its user base from 1 million to 2 million connections by 2025. Digital marketing is a key part of the company’s customer acquisition strategy driving an average 21% of new website users per month.

The challenge

Changes in data privacy legislations, Apple’s changes to IDFA, Safari and Firefox blocking third party cookies, and increasing consumer concerns about data privacy means that marketers need to adopt a privacy-first, first-party data strategy in order to maintain performance of digital advertising campaigns. 

Delta Fiber Netherlands identified a need to use their first-party data in a privacy-safe way to improve the performance of prospecting and retargeting activity while being able to exclude existing clients from certain campaigns.


First-party data from Delta Fiber Netherlands CRM system was integrated into the digitalAudience platform, hashed, and then matched with millions of digitalAudience’s known user profiles.

This anonymous, compliant, privacy-safe process ensured that Delta Fiber’s customer data was fully protected and enabled the team to share this data with Google Customer Match, Adform, publishers, and Meta in order to increase match rates and increase digital advertising campaign performance.

Delta Fiber’s matched first-party audience data was used to:


Upsell specific products to existing clients
Create look-a-like audiences for prospecting

Retarget audiences

Exclude existing clients from specific campaigns

Topline results

The digitalAudience solution improved match rates on display campaigns by up to 40% and by up to 68% on social campaigns.


Average increase in match rates on Google Customer Match

Average increase in match rates on publisher

Average increase in match rates on Adform


Average increase in match rates on Google Customer Match


Integrating CRM data into the digitalAudience platform and matching it to the digitalAudience propriety ID graph enables marketers to:


Activate first-party data-driven advertising campaigns across leading marketing platforms from a single user interface

Increase match rates and campaign performance

Fully comply with GDPR regulations

Enrich first-party data to build better audiences

Quickly activate highly targeted digital advertising campaigns

Set strategic bid strategies on a campaign-by-campaign basis

Contract with local entities

digitalAudience has provided Delta Fiber with a much-needed alternative to third-party cookie-based targeting that has delivered increased match rates across display and social channels. We are now better able to reach our target audiences with relevant messages and as a result we have seen an increase in new customer adoption.”

Marvin Soekra, Head of Digital, Delta Fiber Netherlands

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