First-Party Data is the key to Effectively Engaging the Booming Travel Audience

The travel and tourism sector’s recovery from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is outpacing most industries. The industry is expected to post an annual average growth rate of 5.8% from 2022 to 2032 versus a 2.7% increase in global gross domestic product (GDP). Furthermore, it is predicted that 80% of leisure travelers will take […]

First-party Data is a Retailer’s Secret Weapon: unlock the potential now!

With online sales continuing to rise retailers are spending more on online advertising than ever before while also grappling with the challenges associated with the fact that third-party cookies are soon to be a thing of the past. However, retailers have a secret weapon that makes them the envy of those in other sectors – […]

digitalAudience appoints Kristian Westergren as Sales Director in Sweden

digitalAudience is pleased to announce the appointment of Kristian Westergren as the new Sales Director for Sweden. In this role, Kristian will be responsible for leading the company’s sales efforts in the Swedish market, working closely with the existing team to drive growth and exceed sales targets. Kristian brings a wealth of experience in sales […]

digitalAudience announces partnership with The Trade Desk

digitalAudience partners with The Trade Desk to provide access to reliable audience data digitalAudience, a leader in digital identity resolution, has announced a partnership with global advertising technology leader The Trade Desk. From now on addressable first and third-party audiences will be available for advertisers on The Trade Desk platform. The segments will be available […]

digitalAudience announces partnership with Relay42

digitalAudience partners with Relay42 to enhance cross-device capabilities Relay42, a global enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP), has partnered with digitalAudience, a leader in digital identity resolution. The partnership will provide digital marketing teams with a greater range of cross-device identifiers to allow for a deeper customer understanding and improved customer journey personalization. Relay42’s Customer Data […]

digitalAudience appoints Victor van Venrooij as Head of Business Development

digitalAudience has been appointed Victor van Venrooij as Head of Business Development. An extra boost for the expansion of the company in Europe in 2022 Van Verooij comes from LiveRamp and has been attracted to realise the international growth of the SaaS media company. Bastiaan Spaans CMO: ‘We are growing fast and aim to open […]

What is and does a data clean room?

What is a data clean room? In short: a safe private playground for marketers to share data with platforms, retailers and publisher. Good news: digitalAudience ‘builds’ them. Think of a neutral place, as Ryan Barwick cleverly said: it’s Switzerland for data, a neutral intermediary where each party, lets say a marketer and a publisher come together […]

How to identify more customers with your CDP

How can CDP’s connect with up to 50% additional customers in real-time, through first-party data onboarding? The customer experience landscape has grown exponentially over the past five years; just take a look at Scott Brinker’s icon salad of marketing technology vendors, which was nicknamed the ‘Martech 5000’ a couple of years ago. As of 2019, […]

How to make right-time targeting a reality across channels

A diversifying DSP market in Europe makes customer data activation difficult.   How can marketers push segments to the channel of their choice, in a way that’s both meaningful to their customers and profitable for their company? Here, we’ll explain how you can regain regularity and control over your data activation, whilst achieving unprecedented levels […]

How to balance scale and accuracy in customer profile enrichment

Will personalization at scale driven by 1st party data ever be more than a pipe dream? When it comes to profile enrichment, the reality for marketers has been filled with broken promises: ‘Hundred-percent accurate look-alike models’ is the assurance, but in reality, identities snowball into false positives to create a mess of mistargeting and wasted […]